Purpose: To Know Christ

Fly fishing Malden Creek--headed for the shadows on the far bank

Fly fishing Malden Creek--headed for the shadows on the far bank

Whether individually or as a group, we need a purpose that is clear and compelling.

There must be something sounding a clarion call deep in our breasts, a drum issuing a distinct rhythm to which we march, a cause compelling us to sacrifice ourselves in a noble and honorable endeavor unattainable through safety and selfishness. That “something” is called purpose.

As followers of Jesus Christ, here is a sample purpose statement: Our purpose is to know Jesus Christ, see ourselves as He sees us, live as He intended, and effectively share the same with others.

Let’s test this statement. It sounds good, but is it robust enough to convey our true purpose?

Knowing Jesus Christ is distinct from knowing about Him. When I am introduced as a speaker, or an author, or a leadership guide people know about me based upon my biography. But compare a conference attendee or client saying they know me to my wife, Dianne, saying she knows me.

Lots of people know about me, but Dianne knows me. She knows my hopes and dreams, my aspirations, my disappointments, what motivates my highs and lows, my joys and heartbreaks, my visions, and my muddlings.

To know Jesus Christ, as Paul referenced in Philippians (3:10), means that I know what makes Him tick as opposed to His biographical information. It is our purpose to know Christ personally, not just to know about Him.

But knowing Jesus is not the end of the game in life. If you know Him, how you see yourself and how you live life are altered. That's next up.