Recognizing a Good Job

For all of my determination to do a good job today—and a better job tomorrow—I realized I was missing the joy of the good today for the promise of the better tomorrow. Of course, tomorrow never comes. As a result, today is never enjoyed. Consequently, I had never affirmed to myself, “Pres, you did a good job.” In my methodical manner, I was not satisfied to leap into the arms of my expectant Heavenly Father based simply upon this revelation by the dumpster. Instead, I asked the obvious question, out loud: “I wonder what the Bible has to say about this?”

Quick as a flash, Genesis 1 blinked on the screen of my mind. That is of course the chapter that records God’s creative genius setting Earth spinning in its orbit, throwing the stars across the vault of heaven, and building boundaries for the seas. I was struck by what I recalled God saying to Himself with each stage of His creative work. “This is good.”

The connect-the-dots puzzle was taking shape in my mind.

My Father is creating in me His characteristics. I am trusting Him to guide me and direct me through His indwelling Spirit. If I truly believe this theology, then I must go where He is clearly taking me. I must side with Him instead of my flesh.

And, this would be an appropriate time to begin.

So for the first time in years—maybe ever—I recognized that I had done a good job. I stopped about twenty yards from the dumpsters, and said audibly, “Pres, you did a good job of handling that situation in the office this morning.”

Which brings me to the subject of a good job, but that is next time.