Rowing and the Reference Point

When we read the exhortation to fix our eyes on Jesus, we are being exhorted to line up our destination, life, and reference point while maintaining our dependency upon Christ. The goal is not better rowing, per se, or a finer boat, or calm water. In this instance, the goal is knowing Christ (Phil. 3:10) regardless of the state of the craft or the condition of life’s waters.

James 1:17 says our reference point will not change or vary. At the cross, Jesus established our new identity and purchased the privilege of living His life through us. This is unchangeable.

Anytime life does not line up with Christ’s accomplishments, life is out of line. It’s time to re-affix our eyes on Jesus and correct course.

Simply looking at the destination and the reference point are not sufficient. We must also fix our eyes on the life of Christ expressing Himself through us.

Fixing our eyes literally means to look away from one thing (fleshly resources) and fix our eyes on another (Christ and His sufficiency and strength). This is where trust comes into the picture—complete trust. You can find more about that, here.