It is immensely hard to abandon flourishing, working, flesh-habits for dependence upon the Lord. It sure does feel good to be in control of meeting your own needs! Self-sufficiency is an intoxicant. And, it is habit-forming—addictive, even.

This perspective is called walking by sight as opposed to walking by faith. Like you, the Scripture immediately comes to mind: “Without faith it is impossible to please God.”

While walking by faith plays a significant role in obeying God’s Word, there’s something more fundamental yet: It is pointless to assess the capability of your independence and ability to care for your own needs—as if to determine its value. There’s nothing worth hanging on to!

Whether your habitual independence from God looks good or not, the flesh is always synonymous with captivity. It was for freedom that Christ set you free: Free to be safe, secure, accepted, and loved in Him Free from the tenuousness of supplying your own needs.

“I-can-do-it-myself flesh!”

Resist the enemy’s temptations for self-sufficiency.

I hope you will generalize from my experiences to your own and be encouraged to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit—Christ in you. Choose to declare yourself independent of the flesh and absolutely dependent upon Christ for every need in your life.