Isn’t it safe to say that when we feel we are losing control, we often stand up?

Bear Creek by Gillham

Bear Creek by Gillham

If we get excited with anticipation—like at a ball game—we stand up. I don’t know about you, but when I worry, I stand up and pace. If I’m waiting, I stand up and sit down, stand up and sit down.

And if the guy in front of me stands up to see, so do I. There are occasions when I stand up to make my point, as well as times when I stand up to defend my point.

If I were to ask you to enumerate what the Apostle John saw in his revelation about heaven, your list would be long. And if we were to all get together later to decide which of the listed things was most important, I think we could conclude that the answer is in Revelation 4:2: “[I saw] a throne in heaven, and One sitting on the throne.”

Notice! God is sitting down.

Control. Anticipation. Worry. Waiting. Vision. Power. Authority. All of these—and more—are issues surrounding God and His people. And yet, He is seated on His throne.

It may feel like I am out of control, but God is not threatened by ominous circumstances. I don’t find any verses in the Scriptures that talk of Him wringing His hands or getting up to go get an antacid. It would really surprise me to find out that He has chewed off one of His fingernails.

I cannot picture Him saying, “Well, I never thought about that.” Or, “Uh-oh.” And I certainly don’t see Him jumping up and saying, “Don’t they know who I am?” Or, “Oh, no!”

He is secure enough, and confident enough, and big enough, and powerful enough to keep His seat…no matter what. And it isn’t that He doesn’t care. He cares immensely, as is evidenced by Calvary.

Next, I have some thoughts about God standing up…