Sola Christos? (Part 1)

Do you ever get ear worms? That is, get a song stuck in your mind? “We all live in a yellow submarine, / a yellow submarine.” Or, “Under the board walk, / down by the sea.”

We sang a song in church recently that stuck in my head: “All of You [God] is more than enough for me.”

About eighteen months ago my Heavenly Father posed a question and then left me to ponder: Christ alone, Pres, or Christ plus? He did not offer a great deal of commentary. It wasn’t necessary.

This wasn’t a hard question for me to understand. But, it has been challenging to appropriate.

Understanding that Christ is the only means to God—sola Christos, or Christ alone—is clear. Sadly, what is not so clear—at least in my practice—is the fleshly belief that I can add to my life with something of my own ability, and in so doing, enhance the Kingdom of God and perhaps my standing in God’s eyes.

I know the truth of this matter, but knowing the truth is not the challenge. Practicing the truth is the hard part.