Strength, Part 1

How is your strength holding up? Do you feel like you have reserves left to draw upon, or do you feel your resources waning as the race progresses?

I flipped on the TV last night and caught the last few minutes of Rocky IV. Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) was fighting the monstrous, Russian heavyweight, Ivan Drago. As Rocky gasps for air between rounds, his eyes bleeding and swollen, his trainer keeps telling him, “No pain. You’re feeling no pain.”

Let’s face it, Rocky was in pain. But like any great fantasy, suspense was created as the end approached and I swelled with anticipation that Rocky’s mental focus would summon enough strength to prevail in the final round.

I identify. Life is like a great fairy tale.

On the one hand I am assaulted by demons, darkness, and a dragon of incredible proportion, Satan. On the other hand, I walk in light, am indwelled by the Spirit of God, have everything necessary to live a conquering life, and am assured of ultimate victory.

Next, do I have enough strength?