Strength, Part 3

In light of being strong in the Lord’s strength, we are exhorted to manage ourselves as strong people. As people who follow Christ Jesus, we are to put on the armor of God, stand firm, and pray at all times in the Spirit. As Paul penned this passage of Scripture recorded in Ephesians he was in prison, but he does not ask that the Ephesians pray for his release. He asks that they pray for the advancement of the gospel through his imprisonment (6:18-20).

This is indicative of strength, certainly of Paul’s strength, but ours as well. Last week, I wrote about prayer.

When I ask you to pray for me, I am not asking you to pray that I will be removed from the stress of the battle, but that I will honor Christ and advance His cause in the midst of the battle. This is how I pray for you. As strong warriors, why should we pray for each other otherwise?

Isn’t this a picture of spiritual warfare and the army of God? We are strong in His strength and we pray at all times for each other (6:10, 18).

Upon closer evaluation, our reserves of strength are infinite. Our encouragement and the proliferation of the gospel advances on intercessory prayer.