Movies with my niece

I'm not usually one to split hairs on film genres, but there are chick flicks and then there are chick flicks. If the only thing a movie has in it is romance, then it is a chick flick, pure and simple. But my world has expanded. My 10-year-old niece introduced me to a new concept: 10-year-old chick flicks. Not only is our niece 10 years old, but the actors in “Little Manhattan” are 10-years old as well. I was prepared to slog through a poor movie, but there was a good fight scene, and the story was fun. But what was especially nice was our niece being with us, sitting between Dianne and me, building memories.

Reminiscing is one of the universal activities that bonds families. Most of the fun conversations, heartiest laughs, and greatest points of connection occur with a recounting of memories at reunions, around the dinner table, or sitting together after a family event.

One of these days, eating pizza and watching “Little Manhattan” will be one of the reminiscences that our niece and Dianne and I share. It will be part of the fabric that weaves our hearts and souls together and makes meaningful conversation likely. The 10-year-old chick flick is part of setting the stage for the coming years. As the future unfolds, our bond will tighten because we have built memories together.

And what is the secret ingredient? A quantity of time together. Nothing fancy, just a solid investment of time in each other.