Because our enemy is described as the “prince of the power of the air,” anything that has to do with the air is his domain. That means most forms of communication travel through/via his domain. Whew. Ever wonder where that nonsensical confusion comes from during a discussion that turns into a fight? Ever done a test on dropped calls and then watched the Tech’s eyes as you report your findings?

Cell is not working. Home computer unstable. Land line not working reliably. And, no one knows why. All new SIM cards, new phone, new cable lines, new modems, new land line phones…. No progress. Hours and hours of time.

If you go out to meet the enemy and don’t encounter resistance, you’ve only gone for a walk. Done enough walking. I received a text from my friend Kevin a few days before he died of cancer. His text came early in the morning—like about 2:00 AM—stating that he had a broken beer bottle and was going after the enemy in an all-out brawl. Of course, it was a figure of speech that he and I had discussed, but I knew what he meant, and it all occurred in his hospital room.

Like Hank says in “No Mercy” at one point, “I’m not a knight. I’m a knife fighter, a barroom brawler.” He’s thinking there is more nobility in being a knight than a knife fighter, but the knights around him correct his opinion.

It should be encouraging that we have an opportunity to engage the battle. But, it is essential that we understand: warriors do not go into battle alone. Thus, the reason for the Prayer Tribe: to link us all together in a common cause that takes life and light into the enemy’s territory and strongholds.

Enough of holding our ground. Countries hold ground. Warriors seize territory, which in this case, is the hearts and lives of those caught in darkness who long to walk in the light.

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