The Eccentric God (part 3 of 3)

I want a God who is true to Himself, defined by no one, especially me. I want a God who determines my needs and meets them as He sees fit. I want a God who takes me to where He is rather than succumbing to where I am. 

I have discovered that the more I attempt to figure God out only so I can place my expectations, assumptions, and manipulations upon Him, the more I am frustrated with the awareness that I have missed the mark and only captured the idea of God, not God Himself. But the more consistent I am in listening to Him tell me about Himself and describe His world, and the more responsive I am to His regular invitation to join Him in His place on the journey, the more I am able to say, “I know something of God and can vouch for who He is.” 

This is very important! If we are to be advocates on behalf of our Heavenly Father, then it stands to reason we must know Him, and know Him well. If this is not the case, if all we know of Him is from a theological list, or what we have heard, or what we expect, or deem acceptable then we will render an inaccurate portrait of Him to those looking to us to provide an introduction to Him. 

God will not let Himself be defined. He wants to be known! 

It is not enough to know about God. No definition captures His essence fully. We must accept that He is extraordinary, even eccentric. He operates outside the norm and will not fit within the acceptable parameters we define for Him. 

Rather than frustrate us, His eccentricities are an invitation to know Him for who He really is. 

In my experience, God readily answers the prayer, “Father, tell me about yourself”—if only we will ask and listen.

Rather than telling you about God, the story of No Mercy shows God to you. If you want to understand God better, I recommend this book to you.