The Heart of God (3 of 3)

Headed to Sunshine Creek

Headed to Sunshine Creek

When I think of all the places God has met me in order to share His heart, I am convinced that He places a high premium on our communication.

He has chased me to the base of my own flesh and sin, climbed to the pinnacles of both victory and loneliness, trudged through the wilderness and swamp alike, and shared the good, the bad, and the ugly without reservation or condescension. On a number of occasions He has even met me fishing. Why? To spend time with me, believing that by doing so, He will have the opportunity to share His heart with me. 

Of all the places for Him to go, and all the things for Him to do, He chooses to keep tabs on me—to pour His heart into mine as if that was all He had to do. I get the distinct impression that He cherishes the moments we spend together.  

In another metaphor from life, my wife cherishes the moments I spend talking with her. I value the time she and I spend visiting after dinner is eaten and before the dishes are cleared away. When I listen closely, I think I can hear my Heavenly Father saying that He places a similar value on our conversations—those discussions of the heart. 

God’s relationship with us is what Gene Edwards called a “divine romance.” Can you think of the days of romance you have experienced? You would go anywhere, do anything, meet any place provided your love was there. Where, how, and when were only important in that they provided an appointment. Once together, you spent your moments building memories of your relationship together.  

In my heart’s ear I can hear the Lord saying, We can fish, we can talk after the movie, we can walk, drive, ride, swim, run; I like ball games, theaters, early breakfast at the bagel place, quick lunches at the diner, dinner for two, or three; the museum and the mall are both spots we can go; I like to travel: planes, trains, automobiles, the bus; we can sit in the yard or on the porch, fish from the bank or the boat. I’m just interested in being with you. You name the place. I’ll even meet you in a tree.