The Pivot Point of Grace

Grace assures us the course will be hard, the dangers numerous, and the challenges profound. Grace leaves no doubts: the stakes are significant and the risks real. But grace also declares—deep in our souls—that God’s grace is sufficient.

But if the truth is to be examined candidly, grace is not just sufficient. It is more than sufficient! It is more than enough!

While sin may flourish, grace abounds even more, Romans declares (5:20). While in the midst of a turbulent time it might appear as though Satan has won the day. In reality, his efforts unleash the power of grace in our lives. His efforts promote God’s determination to extend His grace toward us.

Time and again in the Scriptures, Satan lays “infallible” traps only to see his plans frustrated as Christ capitalizes on the circumstances to reveal grace. Circumstances are the stage where God makes His debut and invites us to join Him on stage. Harsh reality is where grace tempers us in Christ’s image.

And next, my thoughts on the determination of grace in our lives.