Three Things: First

It doesn’t matter if you are a High-Church, born-again Episcopalian, or an enthusiastic, hand-waving Pentecostal. We all need to know… Who Christ is in us

Who we are in Christ

And how to radiate this day in and day out through the power of the Spirit.

If any one of these three, fundamental points is inoperative in our lives, we will be falling short of what our Father had in mind when He blessed us with the work of Christ at Calvary and the gift of His Holy Spirit.

He wants each of us to know the freedom of the indwelling Christ.

He did not call us to live the Christian life in order to please Him. He placed His Son, Jesus, in us so that He could express His life through us and live His life...the Christian life.

Even if through our best efforts we produce a reasonable facsimile of Christ’s life (i.e. apparent Christianity), our Father will consider our efforts worthless and fleshly because they were produced from our own resources.

He is not primarily interested in our doing a good job living for Him. His principle desire is for us to allow Christ to live His life through us.

Next blog is about who you are in Christ…