Vision is Shared

Carmel by Gillham

Carmel by Gillham

Those who cast a vision possess discernment, perception, and shrewd foresight. In this way they are leaders.

But those who speak of a vision to others are also needy people possessing great desire. They speak of vision because they need and desire others to adopt their vision in order to bring it into reality. 

When I wrote No Mercy and Battle for the Round Tower, I had a vision. No, I didn't see a picture, per se. Rather, I envisioned a new way to look at the battle between the flesh and the Spirit, a new way to envision what spiritual conflict looks like, feels like, and the toll it exacts upon us who are spiritual. I envisioned a way to paint a portrait with words that would show the Christian life, not teach about it or tell about it. 

I want very much for you to see what I see. Not because I have the market cornered on spirituality (ha), but because a picture is worth a thousand words. Even though I'm an artist with words not paints or pencils, I want you to see the picture I've drawn and grasp a vision of what is and what can be. 

No Mercy is here.

Battle for the Round Tower is here