Visiting Ann

I've been away for a couple of weeks. Away from my keyboard, away from home, and away from my normal routine. Dianne, Braxie-the-dog, and I have been in Mississippi visiting my Mama-in-law, Ann. Ann is a widow, sharp as she can be, active, independent, and a delightful soul. I customarily check around the house to see if there are things that need doing--that I can do--that will help Ann feel more comfortable and secure.

2013-07-18 11.23.39


I have noted in previous visits a baseboard that was ugly. This trip, during breakfast, I volunteered to replace the length of trim if Ann wanted. I offered to do this before getting down and examining the board. That's really beside the point though. I would have replaced the board one way or another.


There had been a water leak, and some rot, and as I discovered, a hoard of termites that had eaten until they tired of wood. They had eaten enough that the header over the window was sagging. They had eaten enough that they were no longer termites but cows in the pasture. (That's probably not exactly true, but it's close.)

Here's what I found:

2013-07-13 13.39.31


Here's what I did about it (note my supervisor/assistant):

2013-07-18 16.40.38


Here's the help (aka, Dianne)--obviously working hard while I take pictures:

2013-07-18 12.49.26


We are home now, waiting on the painter to call, who is waiting on the insurance guy, who is waiting on the painter to call--and I have not yet figured out the combination to get the insurance man and painter out of their feedback loop. I'm thinking I may need to pray about this, but surely God has other things to contend with than new walls in Mississippi.

Now that we are once again in Cowtown, my posts will return to routine. I had every intent of posting while visiting, but the termites demanded my attention and whoever is in charge of the Internet since Mr. Gore has turned his attention to global warming has failed to supply a suitable connection to Mississippi, at least, Ann's house in Mississippi.

Dianne says she and her wheelbarrow are not available for your project. The dog is asleep currently and not available for supervision duties. I, on the other hand, could be available provided you have termites in a north-facing wall and promise to feed me eggs, bacon, and biscuits each morning for breakfast.