Who Are You? (Part 3)

Laying even our best reasoning aside, along with our biases based upon performance and appearance, God’s opinion of us should be the definition of self we cling to. Seeing ourselves as He sees us must define who we are. This is a good thing!

While we all share common characteristics, each of us is unique. We are individuals who share similarities but who are different right down to our thumbprint. The blending of our personality, history, and talent with God’s declaration of our true identity, and the infused power of the indwelling Spirit, presents a portrait of who God is and who we are that no one else can demonstrate.

In other words, not only is it important for us to understand who God says we are, it is important to God as well. He has chosen to use us as His principle means of letting others know who He is.

It is part of God’s plan that others will understand who He is as we demonstrate who we are. In Satan’s opinion, this is a flawed plan, but in God’s mind, it is nothing short of ingenious.

So, what’s your opinion? Who are you?

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