Why Are Your Reading This Blog?


Have you thought about that? Why are you reading this blog?

There are a hundred other things you could do with the next five minutes. Yet, you invited me into your Inbox, and with the reading of my thoughts, you are inviting me into your soul. Why?

First, there is trust. No one pressured you to subscribe. You are here because you trust my words to help you think, help you get where you desire to go—and your trust does not escape my notice. I feel the weight of you and I’m honored. I promise to offer you my best.

Second, there is the matter of what you expect. On the one hand, you are here because you value the reminder of your true identity as opposed to the identity foisted upon you by the world. On the other hand, you are here because you want perspective about who God is and how He thinks. Above all, you are looking for relevant, practical perspective that advances your relationship with God.

There is a lot out there that informs you. But you come to my blog to consider along with me because you desire to make progress, to change, and to transform.

This means you take time to read and consider with me because you are committed to developing a more consistent, vibrant, and informed relationship with your heavenly Father. The common phrase for this is, spiritual formation.

In short, you want to grow spiritually and are coming to PrestonGillham.com for guidance on how to do that.

There will no doubt be an occasional off-beat post. My commitment is to give you my best—as I’ve got it to give, provided I believe it is in your best interest. That’s a demanding requirement, but for us to live spiritual lives that are of earthly relevance, the demand is worth the risk.

I’m not a political animal, so anything political here will be to serve my true interest: I am a child of God and student of humanity. But, I believe it is a failure to be so spiritual that I am of no earthly good.

Jesus said we were like salt and light in the world. But in a rancorous world, how are we salt and light?

Like you I’ll bet, I’m interested in us being compelling advocates for our heavenly Father. If advancing our advocacy requires political, historical, or sociological perspective, I’ll give it, but while participating in a democracy believes that we can better our society, make no mistake: our true home is in heaven. This conviction guides how I think about applied spirituality.

Next, I need—and want—to tell you where I’ve been the last nine months. You’ve expected me to show up and I’ve been out of the game. What’s that mean? What have my discussions with Father God been like while I’ve been compromised? I won’t bore you, but I will tell you where I’ve been. Otherwise, how could we be together (smile)?

That’s the general direction I’m thinking. More soon.