Why Pray? (part 1 of 3)

What’s the point of prayer?

If God knows everything already, what’s the point of telling Him what He already knows is on your mind? If He already knows what’s going to happen, what’s the point of asking Him to do something you would like to see occur?

Sometimes I simply pray and say, “Dear God, concerning all that concerns me, what’s on your mind? In Jesus name, Amen.”

The short answer to why we pray is that our Father appreciates the discussion.

In all honesty, I find this appreciation—this enjoyment of His with us—mind bending. In the first place, the simplicity is challenging to embrace when my life feels so complex. In the second place, that the Divine One, Creator of all that is, and Supreme Lord of lords finds pleasure in my engagement is...beyond words.

There is a great deal about prayer and the talk of prayer I do not understand, e.g., storming the gates of heaven, moving the heart of God, travailing in prayer, collaborating with others to influence God’s decisions, praying persistently in order to get what you ask, etc.

But for all the mysteries, I do understand conceptually that prayer is talking with God. Granted, why He desires to engage me in discussion is inexplicable apart from the mystery of His passionate love for me.

Apart from engaging him with my whole heart, there is not much I bring to the table. He certainly doesn’t need my opinion, although through prayer, it is apparent He values hearing from me. And as is the case with any discussion, it is a two-way street. He would like for me to listen and value what He has to say as well. 

Listen to what, though? And tell Him what? That's next.