Leadership Development

Shaping Effective Leaders

True leaders are formed, not born. Leadership is demonstrated and grown and nurtured. In other words, leaders are developed.

They don’t call it “human capital” for nothing. You are worth the investment and development and thoughtful care necessary to build your human capital.

None of us are designed to be islands. Even though we fancy ourselves independent, “one” is a lonely number. And, the greater the demand and expectation is on a leader, the more lonely life can be, which dramatically increases the risk of a mistake. I can help manage the risks to your reputation while developing your effectiveness as a leader and person.

We all need assistance segmenting our giftedness and responsibilities into meaningful and manageable skills. We all need someone who helps guard our backside and looks out for our blind spots. We all need someone to protect our potential while guiding our human development. This is especially true for those in leadership roles.

A careful and discerning, outside voice, can greatly assist in developing those skills most important in leadership. We all aspire to know ourselves fully, but we are often blinded by being too close. Trusting the development of leadership potential to an intuitive and skilled guide is not only wise, but profitable.

Sadly, one doesn’t have to look far to find failed leadership. The tragedy is that the vast majority of human failure and the resultant fallout could be prevented, or at minimum, managed more graciously and profitably.

Leadership development must be ongoing. As we grow, we change, and change introduces variables that can bring us down or enhance our capital. We all benefit from trusted, outside counsel.

I can help develop leadership in individuals, teams, and corporations:

■ Discover and develop leaders into vibrant human capital
■ Invest human capital for the greatest satisfaction and return
■ Develop genuine leaders versus bosses with titles
■ Inspire and enhance leadership communication
■ Guide the handling of key issues and help manage risk
■ Build cohesive leadership while maintaining individuality
■ Disarm impediments to effective leadership
■ Facilitate awareness among leadership of how colleagues lead

I would be honored to come alongside and assist. You are a good investment.

With Ross, an exceptional leader and friend, in the Green Room of "100 Huntley Street," Toronto. 

With Ross, an exceptional leader and friend, in the Green Room of "100 Huntley Street," Toronto.