Preston Gillham is one of the transparent ones. One that lives life in the open for others to see and savor. One that leads us to further revealing and revelation of God’s goodness. Thank you Preston, your words always encourage me.
— Vicki Leventhal-Highet Frydrych

“Pres, I really, really appreciate your writing. You write out the struggles and fights I have with God. All the same questions, all the same thoughts. You give me amazing, amazing hope. Over the past few months your writings have been a light, a guide and an anchor to me. Thank you.”   — Joy

“Thank you for an outstanding workshop. Those are very familiar diagrams, but I heard it like it was fresh and new.”  — Penny McAdams, Shepherd’s Call Ministries

“I want you to know how much your transparency and humility make a difference.”  — Blake

“Preston H., you are one of the most inspirational brothers that I have ever come in direct contact with.”  — Dana

“It continues to be a great honor to me that you read my blog.  [It's] always humbling when the people who’ve inspired you get inspired back.”  — Cathy

“I have quoted you countless times this past week in my studies. ”  — Elise

“I wanted to say thank you for coming into our lives.  I just watched a YouTube clip of your interview on 100 Huntley Street – Chris found it and forwarded it to me.  Your transparency and honesty are as beautiful as your work.”  — Ruth

“Pres, you have meant so much to me. I love the things I learn from you and just wanted you to know that. Also, I was having coffee with someone yesterday – a discipleship kind of thing — and he mentioned your book.”  — Ted

“I love you. I’ve got your back. Always.”  —Victor

“Good Morning, Preston! I read your most recent letter last night — aloud. You did it again!  Well written copy often develops it own cadence.  You did that, too!”  — Harvey

“I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for writing such a piece. Great stuff!”  — Bill

“Father, / Guard Pres’ life for he is devoted to You. / You’re HIS God, save Your servant who trusts in You. / Have mercy upon Pres for he calls to You all day long. / You are forgiving. / You are good, Oh Lord. / Abounding in love to all who call to You. / Teach Pres Your way Oh Lord. / Give him an undivided heart that He may stand in awe of Your name. / For GREAT is Your love toward Preston.

“You have encouraged me to love and live with confidence.”   — Kevin Walker

Comments about Preston’s novel, Battle for the Round Tower:

Brilliantly readable! I see the characters, the scenes, everything! I see from the beginning Hank and Vassar prepping for the journey, the cave entrance, the battle. OMG it gives me gooseflesh. –Nicole, my sister

I got to finish the book! And wow, Pres. This is huge. The idea of the kingdom of light defying the boundaries of the Round Tower is so reminiscent of Jesus’ word pictures of the kingdom. It is amazing.  And probably more important—hopeful.  – Cathy, a marketing executive

I believe you have addressed the complex emotional layers of survivor experiences. You have effectively communicated, yet were sensitive to avoid detail that can trigger. You have captured the burden while communicating His unfailing and unconditional love. – Catherine, social media expert and mentor to women survivors of abuse

I loved the redirection that I felt regarding solitude, worship, relying on the Holy Spirit, watching for confirmation, trusting, and knowing your identity in Christ.  – Laura, teacher

I really like the way you have integrated theology into the interactions among the characters. As in The Screw Tape Letters, you provide a fresh look at the mental and spiritual warfare. You have written this in a way that anyone of any faith level can grasp the important parts. It is congruent and clear. –Randy, a social worker

I found myself reading Battle for the Round Tower just as I did my initial reading of The Chronicles of Narnia, which I first did as an adult. While there was clearly spiritual symbolism, the first time through I read almost entirely for the pleasure of the story. Then, I did a second, slower reading, intentionally hunting for and relishing each truth discovered on the journey. As a woman, I especially appreciated the juxtaposition of the rugged masculinity with the sensitive vulnerability of Hank. –Tricia, development officer

This manuscript represents a great work. The writing skill and turn of phrases are excellent. Richly rewarding. = Lamar, retired CEO

You develop scenes so well, bringing life to the surroundings, as well as educating the reader. I love the way you do this. – Elise, a volunteer

My heart responded at a deep and important level at a number of junctures – for which I am deeply thankful. There are many places I put the book down and went to Him, His Word, and His Life for a time of contemplation. – Heather, a wife and mom

I like Hank tremendously. He has a great sense of humor and real courage under fire, but knows where to go to when the going’s too rough. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that Hank is so normal. And, I LOVE Celia! The affection between her and Hank is heart-warming. –Sandy, a guide and coach

I felt like I was there. When I “got into” the book, I would read over 100 pages in a sitting.  – Tyson, a lawyer

I enjoyed reading the story.  You are a good story teller. – Anthony, a contractor


Comments about Preston’s novel,  No Mercy:

“A hauntingly beautiful story of Love’s pursuit, restoring hope and making us whole.” - Heather, a volunteer church leader

A nice catch.

A nice catch.

“This book must be an urgent matter in the heavenly realm.” - Reny, a CFO

“Really liked the illustration of how to get up after you fall down on snow shoes.” - Will, a Director of Publication

“A wonderful story.” - Dianne, a Kindergarten Teacher

“Pres has revealed that he is courageous and spiritually perceptive.” - Randy

“Writing is great. Very readable.” - Randy, a Vice President of Residential Services

“At times I feel you have been allowed supernatural privilege to view the film that plays in my soul, and at other times I am almost embarrassed, as I feel I have been privileged to view yours!” - Amy, a Paralegal

“Great images.” - Wade, a Director of Strategic Marketing

“Thank you for your interpretation of the story—His story and my story too—the greater reality that waits for me each day.” - Karla, a Mom to three under the age of seven

Following a bear in Colorado--his foot and my foot. 

Following a bear in Colorado--his foot and my foot. 

“The book is rich.” - Steve, an Editor

“Invited me to take a refreshed look at life’s main issues.” - Lamar, a CEO, entrepreneur, author

“This book dispels the myth of pristine armor. It’s the best portrayal of spiritual warfare I’ve ever encountered.” - Marshall, a landscape architect

“I recommend it.” - Julie, a nursing instructor