Engaging and Inspiring Audiences

I am available to speak at conferences, special events, and on media outlets. But let’s be clear: I’m not an entertainer for entertainment sake. I’m a communicator.

I speak with clarity, practicality, transparency, and humor. My speaking is like my consulting: personal. I give my audience plenty to think about, but more importantly, I take them with me on a journey. If I leave an audience where I found them, then I have failed to engage, connect, and inspire them to action

The cliff above one of my favorite places, near Harrison, AR.

The cliff above one of my favorite places, near Harrison, AR.

I have spoken to leadership groups, men’s meetings, women’s clutches, associations, nonprofits, and for-profit organizations. I’ve shared the platform with luminaries and once with a potbelly pig. The pig stole the show.

I’ve spoken throughout North America, Canada, the Caribbean, and many countries in Europe. I’ve done radio, television, forums, banquets, retreats, conferences, special events, and Sunday mornings. I’ve been in the “stable” of experts kept by major media outlets to address special issues and breaking news stories. I’ve spoken to groups of older folks anxious to stay in the game and lots of younger people fired up to get in the game.

My topics include:

■ Life and leadership
■ Masculinity and manhood
■ Identity, both individual and corporate
■ Confidence, grace, peace, and personal security
■ Significance versus recognition
■ Impediments to victory and success
■ Faith in the marketplace
■ Personal discipline and growth
■ Spiritual formation
■ Risk management
■ Team structure, composition, and performance
■ Board development and performance
■ Leading and managing transitions, succession, change, and innovation
■ Leading and managing the nonprofit organization
■ Personal effectiveness

It’s all about communicating, and even from a platform, that constitutes the reciprocity of connection. I’m available, and if I’m not the right guy, I’ll tell you and help you find the correct person for your audience.