Spiritual Formation

Complete Health and Productivity

After many years in the marketplace and working with people, I am convinced that spiritual focus is vitally important. Without it, people live less than whole lives.

As literature, experience, research, and common sense indicate, a healthy spiritual life significantly increases the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of people, not to mention their morale. Many companies are recognizing the connection between personal health, productivity, and corporate performance and are moving to make spiritual nurture part of their corporate benefit.

In order for a company and its people to function fully, spiritual formation should be woven into the fabric of the corporate mission, values, goals, ethics, and decision-making. Individuals and groups are most effective, resilient, self-sacrificing, and satisfied when their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual capacities are balanced.

While I am personally committed to following Jesus Christ and His teaching, spiritual development is not about imposing belief upon someone else. As a matter of fact, aggressive spirituality is counterproductive.

Human growth, dynamic, and balance have been my professional focus for many years. I can assist individuals, teams, churches, and corporations:

■ Build a spiritual development model and plan
■ Guide the spiritual integration process
■ Plan and guide retreats dedicated to spiritual formation
■ Work with leadership and staff on spiritual matters
■ Integrate faith with practice
■ Distinguish spirituality from religious rigor
■ Identify and overcome impediments to spiritual development

We work out to keep our body healthy. We educate our mind and tend carefully to our emotional wellbeing. It is important to ensure our spiritual self is tuned up as well. A three-legged stool works, but one with four legs is more stable. I’m here to help guide the process of prioritizing spiritual development, balance, and integration.