A Critical Blend of Head and Heart

I can help assess, clarify, create an advantage, and maximize potential. Said another way, I can strategically prioritize for efficiency, effectiveness, excellence, and productivity.

Above all, I value people, what’s important to them, and I understand what makes us tick. When these mysteries are unlocked and managed well, it creates secure individuals, and ultimately, confident corporations. This work is essential, for without confidence the dreams, goals, and aspirations of the future will not flourish.

I know the importance of strategic thinking and am equipped to help you, your team, and your company prioritize, envision, and position for success. However, it’s not enough to adhere intellectually to a strategy. You must also believe strategically in your heart. That’s a big concept, and amazingly, one that is often ignored or abused.

It is in the critical blend of head and heart that I am best equipped to help you strategize and position for success. I can help you:

■ Develop and communicate a mission statement
■ Illuminate and manage your vision and those touched by it
■ Articulate core values
■ Fashion your personal and corporate identity
■ Prepare you and your team for growth
■ Assist boards, chief executives, founders, owners, and families for transitions of leadership to the next generation
■ Design succession plans, guide the process, and help manage the outcome
■ Determine strengths and focus upon unique competencies
■ Identify and capitalize upon the people and resources that create momentum
■ Set priorities and create efficient work practices
■ Help achieve escape velocity from a business plateau
■ Integrate spirituality, life, and business
■ Structure presentations in keeping with your strengths and identity
■ Understand complex issues, simplify them, and manage them effectively
■ Assess potential and position for success
■ Resolve tension, heal wounds, and intervene with those at risk
■ Isolate risks and build contingencies that create confidence
■ Leverage resources and organize for maximum effectiveness

When it comes to the soft science of people, especially their heart and soul, I am in my area of gifting, talent, experience, training, and passion. Life and business aren’t only about products and profit. These are important, but ultimately life and business are about people.

We are not always predictable, but with healthy strategies and processes, we can achieve amazing things. I know how to value and invest the human capital in you and those around you and would be honored to assist.