Do Not Fear

When you get right down to it, at the heart of every fear is the presupposition that God is not present, not in control, and not sufficient. This is a contradiction of who God is and how he designed you to live. You are no more designed to live in flesh and fear than Adam was, and your Heavenly Father has made provision for the fears that plague you.

He announced His plan through the angels on the night of Christ’s incarnation in Bethlehem’s manger: “Fear not!” Jesus echoed His Father’s declaration when He said to His disciples, “Take courage; it is I, do not be afraid.” He went on to promise, “I will never leave you.”

My dear reading friend, our challenge is clear: If we cling to our fears, we declare to ourselves and all who observe our lives that God is neither sufficient nor worthy. We must live in perfect love and let perfect love be reflected in our lives.

This is the only real choice we have as people whose hearts desire to please our Father. This is the only real choice that will bring freedom from fear.

Whether your fears are for today, tomorrow, your future, the kids, your job, your emotional strength, mental well-being, spiritual courage, acceptance with others, or confidence in your career, “Perfect love casts out fear.” Living in Christ is the only way to manage fear. Living in Christ’s strength is the only option other than the flesh.

As you may know from reading my other work, I deal with chronic pain, and it has escalated the last couple of months. One thing about discomfort, Satan never misses an opportunity to instill fear.

Dread, distress, and anxiety have knocked on my door daily delivering messages from the enemy sealed in an envelope of fear. But God is sufficient—even at this writing—and I trust you hear that conviction in my words to you.

In my spirit’s ear, I hear Father saying, “Do not be afraid. I am with you.”