Does God Lean?

It is true. God would rather die than live without us, lean into us rather than sit alone on His throne, risk loving us rather than protect Himself with His omnipotence. We are the object of His affection, the reason He goes to the office in the morning, the thought behind His creations, and the purpose statement on the conference room wall in heaven’s corporate headquarters. God’s desire for us clarifies what we have to offer Him: ourselves. Nothing more, nothing less.

We are the one thing God does not have, and cannot (will not) supply for Himself, unless we lean into Him.

I guess it would be appropriate to not only ask how long it has been since you leaned into God, but also how long it has been since you felt God lean into you? Certainly, God desires for us to lean into Him, but He longs to lean into us as well.

As I think about it, only my closest friends lean into me, and I into them. That’s what God desires to be, a friend you can lean into. And that is the kind of friend He desires you to be.