Leaning is an Invitation

Leaning into a person asks nothing more than a lean in return. It is an invitation to feel encouraged, honored, liked, and needed. Leaning acknowledges acceptance, security, approachability, and confidence. Leaning into is communication at a basic, but profound level. It engenders emotions indicative of friendship, a mindset of security, a physical posture of dependence, and the spiritual confidence of being accepted.

For one person, leaning is vulnerability. For the other, it is strength. For both, it is dependence.

It’s amazing! God invites us to lean into Him, and in some phenomenal way, He desires to lean into us.

Certainly we are familiar with leaning on Him, and to a lesser extent, leaning into Him. But to ponder Him leaning into us is an amazing consideration.

And that—this notion of God leaning—is what I would like to consider next.