Forgiving and Forgiveness (3 of 3)

Brussels by Gillham

Brussels by Gillham

Forgiveness is not bound by an abusive dad who is dead, haunting memories shackled by time, an inept leader, or a husband’s forgetfulness. It simply awaits our determination to forgive for our own sake…in the same manner our Heavenly Father managed the offenses against Him and forgave for His own good.

Bluntly: Forgiveness is not contingent.

And just as Father made provision for His forgiveness through the profound work of Christ, we follow suit by the same means—Christ through us—and make a way for our forgiveness to be realized. In my case, I apologized and Dianne humbly accepted. For my veteran friend so wounded upon the sands of the South Pacific war, he selected the discipline of writing to forge his forgiveness. For the abused woman, she sought my counsel and ultimately forgave her dead dad in absentia. Multiple provisions, but each forgave.

Why? Because it was best for them!

Apart from love, forgiveness is one of the few things our Heavenly Father speaks about with such personal transparency. Forgiveness is important!

Forgiveness is hard. Mighty hard. But it beats the alternative, i.e. resentment, bitterness, shame, and anguish.

Father knows best. Out of His own experience He makes a spiritual way for us to do as He has done and forgive our offenders.