God is Large

God leaped out of the theology of my file folder and painted a new vision of who He is and what makes Him tick. He became large.

Larger than life. Larger than theology. Larger than the characteristics attributed to Him in my study. Larger than my concept.

Said another way: God became large enough for me to see myself in Him by making Himself simple enough for me to understand Him. In this is the true genius of Someone omniscient and perpetual.

Instead of another unsuccessful attempt to squeeze myself into the insecure smallness of what I could not comprehend in the file folder, God introduced me to a vision of Himself as broad as the horizon, opened His arms and said, “Get your nose out of the file. Lift your head toward the light. Run to me, Pres. Run from any direction. I’m large enough for you, your dreams, your failures, your successes, your miscues, your passions, and your stutters. Run! And I will run with you.”

I thought I had lost the joy of running. But I have found it again!