Prayer Tribe: Diversion

When Satan can’t get you to abandon the pursuit of what God has put in your heart, he will throw enough at you to distract you and consume your time. This is what is occurring with the advancement of No Mercy. Satan cannot do anything about us praying, people’s lives been changed, and the No Mercy team working hard. But he is doing his darn best to slow us down before the next step. He is bringing technological, personal and professional glitches of mass proportions in order to consume our time.

The Kindle designer ran into one of those glitches and gave up. So, we need a new Kindle expert. Please pray for an excellent professional who would either volunteer their time or fit in a shoe string budget. We are believing Father that the Kindle version will be available to the Christmas shoppers.

The Lord has provided a wonderful audio developer, Abe, who is ready to work on an audio version of No Mercy. Please pray that Preston would be able to prepare and record the book without distractions. Pray as Preston invests very significant amounts of time in caring for his parents.

Finally, a magnificent answer to your prayers is an upcoming interview and publicity campaign on one (or two) of the largest Christian TV stations in Canada. There is much preparation to be done. Please pray that nothing stands in the way of the campaign and that it yields more book readers and partnerships.

Be blessed as you pray and stay focused on what God’s put in your heart,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman