Prayer Tribe: Request from Preston

If you have not seen the interview with Preston on Canadian television, click the link. It is a wonderful TV debut for No Mercy and your prayer support has been immensely important. The events in the recent months are taking toll on Preston and he writes, “I’d ask that you pray for me please. While I am interactive with Jim [the TV host], I’m tired, very tired. As you would suspect, life has not slowed down yet after Mom’s passing and the Thanksgiving holiday. I don’t regret the investment of my energy and life in joining my family to care for our folks, but the last months have clearly taken their toll. I need to tend to my health right away.”

Please make this request a matter of your conversations with Father. As you talk to Him, please inquire of what you might do to support the vision of No Mercy. The Christmas season, though busy, affords opportunities for reflection and analysis. Do not hesitate to dream big of how God can use you in relation to No Mercy. What you are really dreaming about is how to help people walk in the Light. And please, share what you hear from Father and what is on your heart. If He puts a dream in you, He will confirm it throughout the community of Believers.

Be blessed as you dream boldly,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman

Prayer Tribe: Development

The holiday season is especially difficult after the passing of a loved one. Please continue interceding for Preston and his family as they grieve the loss of their mother. Preston already wrote an eloquent tribute to Anabel and her life. I could not add to it, instead I would focus our attention on some of the significant developments surrounding No Mercy.

Preston is about to make his first TV appearance in promoting the book. It is notable that the first TV presentation is not on home soil, but in Canada. The two largest Canadian Christian TV networks will hold interviews and will promote the book. Although this is very exciting, there have been many logistical challenges. Shipping books from the US is cost prohibitive, so new printing, distribution and shipping companies had to be located in Canada. Please pray that every single detail comes together, and that Father would protect every link in the chain of production and distribution. Pray for a warm reception of the book on the Canadian market and specifically that ALL inventory would be sold. Pray that US TV stations will pick up Preston as a guest speaker. Most of all pray for the spiritual transformation of Canada and its people. Father loves the Canadian people and for some reason He is choosing Canada as the first market to widely spread No Mercy.

Be blessed as you pray,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman

Prayer Tribe: Protection

It’s been on my mind since 4 a.m. to ask you to pray for Preston’s protection, for his precious Di, siblings, their spouses and kids. Most of all pray for Preston’s parents who have served the body of Christ for many decades but are now dealing with old age and all the challenges that come along. Preston is honoring his parents, expending most of his time and energy to serve them and Father is so pleased with him. The Lord commanded us to honor our mothers and fathers because he knew that at some point that honor will come at a great deal of cost to us. Just as Bill and Anabel were given an assignment to pour into the Body of Christ truths about Father’s love and grace, so is Preston. His, however, is a prophetic assignment under a writer’s mantle. He is dispelling lies about Father through language and imagery that speak to this generation. As such his calling is life-giving to the Body and infuriating to Satan. Satan spares no effort to cause diversion, distraction and despair. Granted, Father is neither surprised, nor distant, nor powerless to intervene and open Preston’s schedule so that he writes the sequel of No Mercy and keeps up his blog. But our Heavenly Daddy has set a natural order in motion and for the majority of our lives we and our families are subject to it. So we walk it out. We walk it out in fellowship with Him, in a constant conversation and a relationship. Yet, in the midst of the natural order, we need to ask Daddy for supernatural intervention, breakthrough of the confines of the physical and manifestation of the miraculous. Father loves to give lavish gifts to His children. He is not a stingy miracle worker. He does not ration out His blessings. They are endless. So is his love, grace, patience. So, please ask boldly for Preston and his family, for provision, protection and help in every way, and, for the expansion of No Mercy’s reach above and beyond what we have imagined. Do not miss to ask for yourself as well. Above and beyond.

Be blessed as you pray boldly,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman

Prayer Tribe: Diversion

When Satan can’t get you to abandon the pursuit of what God has put in your heart, he will throw enough at you to distract you and consume your time. This is what is occurring with the advancement of No Mercy. Satan cannot do anything about us praying, people’s lives been changed, and the No Mercy team working hard. But he is doing his darn best to slow us down before the next step. He is bringing technological, personal and professional glitches of mass proportions in order to consume our time.

The Kindle designer ran into one of those glitches and gave up. So, we need a new Kindle expert. Please pray for an excellent professional who would either volunteer their time or fit in a shoe string budget. We are believing Father that the Kindle version will be available to the Christmas shoppers.

The Lord has provided a wonderful audio developer, Abe, who is ready to work on an audio version of No Mercy. Please pray that Preston would be able to prepare and record the book without distractions. Pray as Preston invests very significant amounts of time in caring for his parents.

Finally, a magnificent answer to your prayers is an upcoming interview and publicity campaign on one (or two) of the largest Christian TV stations in Canada. There is much preparation to be done. Please pray that nothing stands in the way of the campaign and that it yields more book readers and partnerships.

Be blessed as you pray and stay focused on what God’s put in your heart,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman


Because our enemy is described as the “prince of the power of the air,” anything that has to do with the air is his domain. That means most forms of communication travel through/via his domain. Whew. Ever wonder where that nonsensical confusion comes from during a discussion that turns into a fight? Ever done a test on dropped calls and then watched the Tech’s eyes as you report your findings?

Cell is not working. Home computer unstable. Land line not working reliably. And, no one knows why. All new SIM cards, new phone, new cable lines, new modems, new land line phones…. No progress. Hours and hours of time.

If you go out to meet the enemy and don’t encounter resistance, you’ve only gone for a walk. Done enough walking. I received a text from my friend Kevin a few days before he died of cancer. His text came early in the morning—like about 2:00 AM—stating that he had a broken beer bottle and was going after the enemy in an all-out brawl. Of course, it was a figure of speech that he and I had discussed, but I knew what he meant, and it all occurred in his hospital room.

Like Hank says in “No Mercy” at one point, “I’m not a knight. I’m a knife fighter, a barroom brawler.” He’s thinking there is more nobility in being a knight than a knife fighter, but the knights around him correct his opinion.

It should be encouraging that we have an opportunity to engage the battle. But, it is essential that we understand: warriors do not go into battle alone. Thus, the reason for the Prayer Tribe: to link us all together in a common cause that takes life and light into the enemy’s territory and strongholds.

Enough of holding our ground. Countries hold ground. Warriors seize territory, which in this case, is the hearts and lives of those caught in darkness who long to walk in the light.

For more about walking in the light, check this out.

Prayer Tribe: Doors Open

We have an exciting task at hand. I am stoked just thinking about it. We are to open major doors for No Mercy through prayer. Father encourages us to knock and to ask; to not miss an opportunity to receive because we have not asked. Please ask Father to open the doors to some of the large ministries in the country to Preston and No Mercy. Ask Him to arrange interviews, presentations and book signings for Preston through the media channels, networks, and local groups of these ministries. Think big. A few weeks ago, I was reading World Magazine, the Christian alternative to Newsweek. It is a great magazine and when I saw the book review page my heart jumped. I immediately thought, “This is where No Mercy needs to be reviewed.” When Father gives you an idea, he has a way to carry it out. He reminded me that a students I had ministered to used to work for World Magazine. I wrote her. To make a long story short, I ended up with an email from the editor letting me know that they would accept a copy of the book to review. They did not guarantee a review but they asked for the book nonetheless. I have been on the look out for a review of No Mercy since, but haven't seen it yet. This puzzled me. Father opened a huge door after all. And than I remembered that I never shared with you and or included you in the process. It is awesome enough to get an email from the editor asking for the book. It built my faith up. It encouraged me. But Father reminded me that that we are in this journey together. It’s not just about me being encouraged and seeing God at work. It is about all of us, as a body, united around the heart of God, trusting Him, seeking His thoughts and ideas, carrying them out and being on adventure with Him. So, let’s go together before Father and ask that the editor of World Magazine picks up the book and writes an excellent commentary.

But let’s not stop there. Think of the ministries that have influenced you. Ask Father to open doors there, to use you to share No Mercy. And please, include the rest of us on the journey. It is not fun going alone on this.

Be blessed as you dream big,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman

Prayer Tribe: Change of Season

In nature seasons change. Here we are at the beginning of Fall. In the course of our journey as a Prayer Tribe we are entering a new season as well. What has not changed is the importance of what we do. Father is shaping a sequel to No Mercy in Preston’s heart and Preston is gearing to put it on paper. Please spend time with Father and fellowship about this. Writing a book is akin to carrying a child and giving birth. There is pain, there is fatigue, there is a continual discomfort, there is a long list of tasks. There is need for space, strength and diligence.

In addition, Preston began posting weekly blogs. These are designed to mentor, encourage, teach those who have read the book and want to continue walking in what they have learned. Please continue to pray for the readers that they may read the book, appropriate the truths and share the book with their networks.

On the marketing front, the team is battling increased life and work responsibilities. Some days I wonder if satan’s strategy is to avalanche us with “good” things so that we miss the “excellent” ones. Please pray against this.

Our Tribe of about 90 people is strong and a force to be reckoned with. We are trusting not in our wisdom, strength or ingenuity but we are looking to Father. We have joined Him and I am excited to see where He would take us this Fall.

Be blessed in the new season,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman

Prayer Tribe: Remain Faithful in the Fall

As the fall season approaches most of us enter into new routines. The prayer focus of our Tribe for the next couple of weeks is for pastors and educational ministers, book club and small group leaders to choose No Mercy as their Fall study material. On another note, Preston and Di are reentering their routines after summer travels. Di is back to the classroom and Preston is arranging coaching jobs and business travel. They covet your prayers for the next season. Preston is thinking about the sequel of No Mercy and is seeking the best time and place to get away and write. We are praying that Father will grow the sales of No Mercy so that Preston will be able to write the sequel and will not need to take on a full time job. This is where the work of the marketing team is so important; please continue to lift us up.

An important blessing and result of your intersession is that Preston’s parents are currently in stable health and back into their own home. Rejoicing!

These are some thoughts for you to fellowship with Father about. As you talk to him about what is in His heart regarding No Mercy, please share either in the comments section of the blog, or via email or on the No Mercy Facebook page. We have quite handsome Facebook Tribe as well.

Be blessed as you share,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman

Prayer Tribe: Creativity

Thank you for praying for the very first book singing. Pictures are posted on the No Mercy page on Facebook. The No Mercy team is very excited that the first promotion of the book occurred in a bar. After all, the fist century bars were the kinds of places where Jesus hung out. We are encouraged that Father would choose this location to bring His love to the people and we are so grateful that you are contending for them in prayer. The team recognizes the importance you have in the endeavor that we are all in. We agree that the force of the Prayer Tribe was the final push in the birth of the book. We also agree that the spreading of the word about No Mercy and the impact on people’s lives will be propelled by the behind-the-scenes sacrifice of the Tribe.

If it was just a matter of book marketing, there are millions of books out there and well established promotional paths to follow. We are not following a well established marketing plan. In fact, the only plan is to trust the Lord daily and rely on His instructions of how and where to talk about the book. He is the One writing the plan, but He is giving it to us in small chunks. Knowing myself, if I had the whole layout, I would take it, run with it, and it will be many miles and many days before I remember to check in with Father. The Lord is not interested in our self-reliance or our contribution to His cause. Father can take care of His causes, promote His ideas, carry out His plans and accomplish everything He’s set out to do. He does not need my help, Preston’s help or any marketing guru for that matter. Just like the King told Hank, He wanted to walk with his son, be with him, share His journey with him.

Father wants to popularize No Mercy His way. He intends to use people with open minds, hearths, ears, relying on a daily infusion of fresh ideas straight from Heaven. To be able to receive these ideas, the extraneous things of life have to be put aside, focus has to be in place, time and fellowship with the Lord is imperative. Would you pray along those lines? Would you pray God’s creativity downloaded and infused into all of us and discernment and obedience to carry out all He shows us regarding No Mercy’s promotion?

Be blessed as you pray creativity from Heaven to earth,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman

Prayer Tribe: First Book Signing

The first official book signing of No Mercy is today, in an hour to be precise. This is fantastic news. It gets even better. The location of the signing is in a bar, not just any bar, the Dog Bar and Grill in Cuchara, Colorado, to be exact. Father must have something special for this bar, its clients and the town of Cuchara. I plan to ask for His thoughts on it. Preston promised to take pictures and share them with the Tribe. Stay tuned and continue to pray, believing Father for great things in the lives of people who will read No Mercy, draw closer to Him, overthrow the yoke of the enemy and walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

On another note, Preston and Di were able to take much needed R&R this week. They could use another month to fully recover but please ask Father to multiply their time and accelerate the restoration of their bodies, souls and minds. Our Lead Super Fan, Victor, is also on vacation with his family. Please remember him and the important publicity work he does for the No Mercy team.

Thank you for your prayers for my IRS audit. God’s grace came against what could have been a huge time drain. A number of good opportunities are coming my way, but recognizing the importance of Father’s work with No Mercy, I must stay focused and distinguish between that which is good and that which is excellent. It is not self-evident but it is imperative.

As another week comes more complimentary copies of No Mercy are going out to key individuals. We need people on Facebook and the in the blogosphere to share about their transformation as they read No Mercy. If you have been impacted already, share your thoughts.

Be blessed as you pray and live a transformed life,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman

Prayer Tribe: People Are Talking

In case you are wondering how is Father answering your prayers, check out the official No Mercy page on Facebook. Your intercession is making a difference in the lives of people. If you are tempted to pause, get distracted, or God forbid, quit praying, hear the words of this reader, “I am so grateful for this book and believe it will be a tool used by Father to heal our relationship.” Experts suggest that for every person who writes, there are many more that feel the same way but do not communicate. That is quite alright. We would like to meet the people who have been touched by No Mercy but it would be enough to know that more lives are changed and more of God’s kids are set free to love Him without the bondage of religion, legalism, Satan’s lies, self-imposed ambition.

To reach out to greater number of people we need readers to share about No Mercy, recommend it to their Facebook contacts, email their list, gift it to their friends. The download is free, so cost is not an issue. As you pray, ask the Lord to add an excellent Facebook developer to the No Mercy team. Ask Him to show us how to encourage the growing group of blessed readers to share their experience and the free download with their friends.

Be blessed as you bring many to Father’s love,

Reny Madjarska

Head Prayer Tribeswoman

Prayer Tribe: Warriors Arise

Prayer Tribe warriors all hands on deck! The enemy has devised a new plan to derail the No Mercy team. And not just the team. The readers of No Mercy are getting hit as well. Consider this: each person on the No Mercy team has faced demanding life circumstance in the last week. Not coincidentally in the last week we began our Facebook campaign and have seen great results.

For each team member the circumstances at hand are important and intensely personal, time consuming and with no option to delegate. Among other things, continue to pray for Preston’s full time care for his parents; Victor (our Lead SuperFan) was given an additional department to manage at work and all the demands that go along with it; I (Reny) am gearing up for an IRS audit at work and trying to discern God’s direction for a new relationship.

The readers of No Mercy are consistently telling us that Father is drawing them into His love and exposing the lies of Satan in their lives. Alongside of the spiritual transformation a number of readers have experienced unusual physical struggles – strange pains and aches with no apparent cause.

At the end of the day the book and the liberated lives of people are Father’s deal. He is fully able to take care of what needs to be done. We give it our best shot. We are privileged to participate in what He is doing. I do not want to miss out on any of His steps, intents, plans or passions. I do not want you to miss out as well. Glad you are apart.

Be blessed in your conversations with Father,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman

Prayer Tribe: Feedback

The readership of No Mercy is growing daily. The feedback is very positive and exciting. But I am very interested in feedback from you all, the Prayer Tribe. If you have started reading you probably realized that the book demands that you pause frequently and consider what you have just read. If you are anything like me, you pray. You wrestle with conviction. You search your heart. Or you ask Father to search your heart. And after you have dealt with what he has revealed, you pick up the book again. Few chapters later, or even few pages later, you pause again. You consider, you pray, you are moved to tears, you are encouraged, you feel unconditionally loved by the Father. You would do well to pause and soak in the awareness of His love. Few pages further you realize that you have been cheated by Jester and you have bought into his lies, adopted them as your own thoughts and anger starts to brew inside you. You may be hard on yourself and you wonder, “I know better, how I could fall in the same trap that Hank did?” So it is a process. If you are not zooming through the book, do not be discouraged. Keep reading, keep praying, keep talking about it, keep sending the link of the free e-book or keep giving copies away.

There is a lot more to No Mercy than what I described above. I do not want to give it away quite yet. I do want to hear your thoughts. You have prayed for this book over four months now. Father has given you intimate experience in your discussions with Him. Post your thoughts, comments, prayer here or send an email.

Be blessed as you read,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman

Prayer Tribe: The Launch

The first week of the e-book launch is behind us and as expected struggles and victories abounded.The bad news first. - Preston’s mom is in much pain and needs round the clock care as well as your prayers - My mom is back from the hospital with a lot of pain in her leg and no doctors’ diagnosis. She needs your prayers too. - Our team member Lindsay, the amazing e-book designer, has been struggling with an upper respiratory problem for over four weeks now.

In all these cases please pray like you would want to be prayed for. Make a stand against the one who attacks the sons and daughters of the High King.

The good news. - Downloads of the e-book are steady. - The first orders for shipment of entire cases were international! - Comments of impacted readers are coming in daily. One lady said, “I resent having to go to work in the morning because I have to put the book down.”

The distribution of the book continues. Important tools such as Facebook and various web-sites need to come together. Would you pray that the Lord provides people to assist in utilizing these tools.

I have such passion that No Mercy sets free not only believers but also touches the non-believers who read in the genre of No Mercy. Please pray for miraculous open doors into those circles. If you have any thoughts please do not hesitate to send.

There will be much happening in the next weeks. Be ready. Be alert as to what Father is showing you about our Prayer Tribe and the journey we are on. And please, do not forget to share.

Many blessings,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman

My novel, "No Mercy," is now AVAILABLE!

I want to introduce you to my new novel, "No Mercy," and offer you this free copy to read, review, and share. The story is a sweeping adventure of life, love, trust, and desire. Why are you receiving this link to the free e-book?

First, because I want to share my latest creation with you. And, I want to give you the freedom to share it with others.

I began writing No Mercy in 2003 to express some of the wisdom and insights that Father God has etched into my heart. Like "Hank," the story's main character, I doubted God. But over time, through persistence and care, God reached into the dark place where I lived and led me from darkness into light.

In 2008, I left my job and a certain future to write No Mercy and put on paper what I have discovered about living in the light.

Second, if you like what you read in the excerpt, a complete download of No Mercy is also available on my website--free.

If you prefer a hard copy, you can purchase a book here.

Third, if you like what you read, share it--share it until your heart is content. Please. Please forward this to an interested friend .

The option to live in the light—to walk in it and run in it—is only a step away. But the path needs some illumination. My best effort, in story form, is here, in "No Mercy."

Again: Feel free to download No Mercy and share it generously. This is my gift—the dream of my life—to you and those surrounding you.

Enjoy reading, and like the main character "Hank" comes to understand, always remember!

Prayer Tribe: Do Not Miss This

Preston was about to take off for much needed few days of rest and restoration when his elderly mom took a tumble and broke her arm. The R&R time is postponed and he is taking care of his elderly parents. Interestingly enough, the same day my mom got admitted into a hospital in Bulgaria for blood clots. Attack is being unleashed against some of the people on the No Mercy team! Please pray! In faith and in prayer we press in. As a group we are wrapping up the prayers for the creation of the book. Today we join Father in his work on the distribution of the book.

But before we head that way, I want you to reflect on this: Every single prayer we prayed since we joined our tribal forces was answered with YES and AMEN by our Father. Every one! Re-read the Prayer Tribe posts or look at the results:

-The printed book: excellent product with appealing cover and compelling summary revealing a powerful editorial touch. We prayed for that! -The e-book: beautiful work of art. We prayed for the designer and her creativity! -State of the art online store and delivery process. We also prayed for that! -Convenient and cost effective shipping service: beyond and above what we asked for!

The list goes on.

The point is: we are a force to be reckoned with! He joined Father, we are trusting Him, we are about the things He is about. The results are up to Him. I am ready and excited to see more of Father’s handiwork in this next phase: spreading the word about the book and placing it strategically into the hands of people who need to be set free by God.

So, without much ado, here is the first step. We are sending an email to a select group of people making the ebook available free of charge to download, keep and forward. Would you pray that the upcoming email will be the spark of the distribution fire; that people will respond, forward and ultimately buy the book.

In the meantime, be encouraged by all the victories behinds us and before us.

Reny Madjarska Hear Prayer Tribeswoman

Prayer Tribe: Celebration

I reached Fort Worth, Texas late last Thursday. As I turned on my cell phone, a text message popped up: “The books are here.” I barely greeted my best friend as she handed me a hot-off-the press copy of Preston’s No Mercy. It had arrived only hours earlier. I held it with trepidation. I was mindful of the countless prayers and support that you have poured in the last four months. For a moment I wished that you were there with me. On a second thought I realized that in fact you were. Your prayers were the sustaining momentum in the birth of the book. Later on Preston shared, “I would have never been able to finish [No Mercy] without the Prayer Tribe’s support.” The next day we celebrated the publishing of No Mercy. It was not yet practical or possible for Preston and Di to invite the entire Prayer Tribe over for the occasion, so I represented the Prayer Tribe. I believe I did a fine job of it, especially when it comes to enjoying a great dinner with a glass of wine :). In all seriousness, I felt like a dignitary at a royal signing ceremony when Preston was autographing copies of No Mercy. It was a momentous occasion. It was a ceremony. It was a celebration of Father’s heart, of one person’s obedience, of victory over darkness, of the faithfulness of the Prayer Tribe, of many lives that will be changed and lived in the light of Christ.

Join in the celebration and do not stop praying! More to come.

Be blessed as you celebrate,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman

Prayer Tribe: Countdown

As I write this, a UPS truck (or FedEx, perhaps) is caring about 52 boxes of the finished No Mercy through the great plains of the Midwest, with a stop at an Amazon distribution warehouse in Kansas and a final destination, Bonefish Publication warehouse in Fort Worth, TX. The books may already be in Kansas. The point is: the BOOK IS BORN! I had the privilege to take a peak at the e-book. It is absolutely beautiful. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I can’t wait for you to see the dedication page. I am not telling, but you will love it. On the other hand, our brother Preston needs a little encouragement from us. He just moved a mountain, or climbed it, if you wish. Single-handedly he lived thru the story line, poured out his heart on the pages of No Mercy, sorted through multiple options of designers, editors and publishers, lined up the right team, organized the online launch, the electronic store, the printed delivery, the publishing company and the upcoming marketing efforts. Makes me tired just thinking about it. I am sure I am missing half of it. Understandably the fast pace has caught up with him. Yet, he needs to shift gears and be ready to present the book to the world. Would you pray for his rest and divine marketing creativity multiplied in the next day or two. And if you have a moment, would you email Preston and encourage him on his great accomplishment. It is truly amazing.

Be encouraged as you encourage others,

Reny Madjarska

Head Prayer Tribeswoman

Prayer Tribe: Pre-Birth

I fully anticipate that in a week or so you would get the announcement of the birth of No Mercy. But right now we are still in the delivery room. The process is currently going well, yet, we would be remiss to ease on prayer. While we all await eagerly, I am going to take the opportunity to share what No Mercy has meant to me, and ultimately why did I volunteer for the Head Prayer Tribeswoman position.

Among other things, No Mercy is about doubting God in midst of difficult circumstance and what transpires when a Believer makes unbelief his or her dwelling place. In the last two years I have found myself in difficult circumstance. More times than I care to admit I doubted God’s love, His care for me, and His willingness to deliver me. Just like the main character of No Mercy, I found myself in a pit of darkness, slowly edging towards the precipice of despair. As only a loving Heavenly Father would have it, with perfect timing He put in my hands an early manuscript of the book. I began to read and could not put it down. I would wake up at 4 a.m. without an alarm and would grab the book. God was speaking to me through No Mercy. He talked to me about my circumstances: He did not cause them, but was using them to draw me to His heart. Hearing Father through the book brought me renewed joy, determination to persevere, and hope that I will make it thought the hard times. After all, someone else had been there before me and had made it on the other side.

I know that there are many people in prolonged difficulties – financial, relational, professional, physical. These are the people that we need to pray for. Father wants to speak hope and life into their weary souls. Pray that nothing hinders their access to the book and life and freedom is multiplied in their lives.

Be blessed until the next time,

Reny Madjarska

Head Prayer Tribeswoman