Prayer Tribe: Focus

The loss of our dear friend Kevin occupied our hearts and minds this past week. Preston will share more of his journey with grief in the days and weeks ahead. Yet in the midst of grief we are focused in our prayer for the book and by Father’s grace the production of No Mercy is on course. The team is diligently working on the various components. Pray specifically for these team members: Leslie, hard copy layout designer, who is about to begin her work on the book. Pray for expedient and creative approach.

Lindsay, electronic layout creator, is hard at work already. She specifically expressed her gratitude and the impact she feels because of our prayers.

Stephen, cover designer, is at the completion stage but the design needs to be tweaked so that it is “just right.” May God’s creativity intensify in him.

In addition, Preston is receiving positive comments and encouraging notes from readers of the manuscript. One of them said, “I loved the story and hated to put it down.” Another one expressed, “I have never understood my walk in Christ but as I read, I am getting it.” Personally, I am not surprised since the book impacted me with every read although I had heard some of Preston’s ideas through his mentorship. Now, I am eager and excited for more of God’s kids to read No Mercy and as a result walk in freedom and unshakable confidence in Daddy’s love.

Till the next time, be blessed,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman