Prayer Tribe: Keep at it.

“Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. It is working.” Our Heavenly Father is gracious and loves to see His kids’ faith built up. He is answering your payers. The creation of the book is picking up speed and your intercession is providing the momentum for that. This week we had a major answer to prayer: e-book layout designer, cover designer and hard copy designer are in place! Continue to lift up these individuals, their creativity and work on the book.

Couple of other things to pray about over the weekend:

1. Substantive edits. Pres is pleased and encouraged with the material from the editor but keeping the story consistent is critical. Pray for continuity and holding all the many parts together well. He has to make sure that the characters are real and their voices are clearly presented and convincing.

2. The printing company. We are praying for a group that would carry out the work with excellence and be able to accommodate print on demand at a very favorable cost.

On Behalf of Preston and the team,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman