Prayer Tribe: People Are Talking

In case you are wondering how is Father answering your prayers, check out the official No Mercy page on Facebook. Your intercession is making a difference in the lives of people. If you are tempted to pause, get distracted, or God forbid, quit praying, hear the words of this reader, “I am so grateful for this book and believe it will be a tool used by Father to heal our relationship.” Experts suggest that for every person who writes, there are many more that feel the same way but do not communicate. That is quite alright. We would like to meet the people who have been touched by No Mercy but it would be enough to know that more lives are changed and more of God’s kids are set free to love Him without the bondage of religion, legalism, Satan’s lies, self-imposed ambition.

To reach out to greater number of people we need readers to share about No Mercy, recommend it to their Facebook contacts, email their list, gift it to their friends. The download is free, so cost is not an issue. As you pray, ask the Lord to add an excellent Facebook developer to the No Mercy team. Ask Him to show us how to encourage the growing group of blessed readers to share their experience and the free download with their friends.

Be blessed as you bring many to Father’s love,

Reny Madjarska

Head Prayer Tribeswoman