Prayer Tribe: Protection

It’s been on my mind since 4 a.m. to ask you to pray for Preston’s protection, for his precious Di, siblings, their spouses and kids. Most of all pray for Preston’s parents who have served the body of Christ for many decades but are now dealing with old age and all the challenges that come along. Preston is honoring his parents, expending most of his time and energy to serve them and Father is so pleased with him. The Lord commanded us to honor our mothers and fathers because he knew that at some point that honor will come at a great deal of cost to us. Just as Bill and Anabel were given an assignment to pour into the Body of Christ truths about Father’s love and grace, so is Preston. His, however, is a prophetic assignment under a writer’s mantle. He is dispelling lies about Father through language and imagery that speak to this generation. As such his calling is life-giving to the Body and infuriating to Satan. Satan spares no effort to cause diversion, distraction and despair. Granted, Father is neither surprised, nor distant, nor powerless to intervene and open Preston’s schedule so that he writes the sequel of No Mercy and keeps up his blog. But our Heavenly Daddy has set a natural order in motion and for the majority of our lives we and our families are subject to it. So we walk it out. We walk it out in fellowship with Him, in a constant conversation and a relationship. Yet, in the midst of the natural order, we need to ask Daddy for supernatural intervention, breakthrough of the confines of the physical and manifestation of the miraculous. Father loves to give lavish gifts to His children. He is not a stingy miracle worker. He does not ration out His blessings. They are endless. So is his love, grace, patience. So, please ask boldly for Preston and his family, for provision, protection and help in every way, and, for the expansion of No Mercy’s reach above and beyond what we have imagined. Do not miss to ask for yourself as well. Above and beyond.

Be blessed as you pray boldly,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman