Prayer Tribe: Request from Preston

If you have not seen the interview with Preston on Canadian television, click the link. It is a wonderful TV debut for No Mercy and your prayer support has been immensely important. The events in the recent months are taking toll on Preston and he writes, “I’d ask that you pray for me please. While I am interactive with Jim [the TV host], I’m tired, very tired. As you would suspect, life has not slowed down yet after Mom’s passing and the Thanksgiving holiday. I don’t regret the investment of my energy and life in joining my family to care for our folks, but the last months have clearly taken their toll. I need to tend to my health right away.”

Please make this request a matter of your conversations with Father. As you talk to Him, please inquire of what you might do to support the vision of No Mercy. The Christmas season, though busy, affords opportunities for reflection and analysis. Do not hesitate to dream big of how God can use you in relation to No Mercy. What you are really dreaming about is how to help people walk in the Light. And please, share what you hear from Father and what is on your heart. If He puts a dream in you, He will confirm it throughout the community of Believers.

Be blessed as you dream boldly,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman