I’m not a fan of satisfaction, and I’m not in pursuit of satisfaction. Of course, there are lots of definitions for satisfaction, but what I’m referencing is the complacency of being comfortable—satisfied with good enough—whether referencing business, product development, physical conditioning…or spirituality. In these arenas, satisfied is synonymous with complacent, stagnant, apathetic, flat, or tepid.

Anyone who is not growing and pursuing—who is satisfied—is in danger. Were we to be confronted by Rocky Balboa’s trainer about being satisfied, he would tell us, “You’ve lost the eye of the tiger.”

I’m not talking about the misconstrued, biblical concept of rest. The Bible’s concept of rest is an active pursuit of what Father has placed before us while trusting His life inside us to push forward through us. Resting is active. Trusting is tenacious. Faith is motivated.

Relationships cannot be static. Ideas can be. Concepts can be. But not relationships.

If you are standing still, you are regressing. You are relational. Your Father in heaven is relational. If you are satisfied, you are complacent. If you have fallen prey to taking your relationship with Christ Jesus for granted, you are now susceptible to the temptation of entitlement.

Entitlement sours the soul.

Satisfaction is exactly what our enemy would love to see us adopt, and once we do, he then persuades that our satisfaction is spirituality. Before we know it, we are soured. Before we know it, our spirituality is soured.

Love, a fire, a wellspring, the wind—these are never satisfied, and each is a biblical picture of our Heavenly Father’s disposition. Further, these are fueled by Father’s furious grace and mercy that will not be satisfied until our hearts are connected to His…and we know it, don’t doubt it, and live like it, love like it, and carry ourselves (i.e., literally our physical comportment and mental posture) like it.

“No Mercy” is a story about a man who recovered his fiery passion for life, love, adventure, and spirituality.