Prayer Tribe: Doors Open

We have an exciting task at hand. I am stoked just thinking about it. We are to open major doors for No Mercy through prayer. Father encourages us to knock and to ask; to not miss an opportunity to receive because we have not asked. Please ask Father to open the doors to some of the large ministries in the country to Preston and No Mercy. Ask Him to arrange interviews, presentations and book signings for Preston through the media channels, networks, and local groups of these ministries. Think big. A few weeks ago, I was reading World Magazine, the Christian alternative to Newsweek. It is a great magazine and when I saw the book review page my heart jumped. I immediately thought, “This is where No Mercy needs to be reviewed.” When Father gives you an idea, he has a way to carry it out. He reminded me that a students I had ministered to used to work for World Magazine. I wrote her. To make a long story short, I ended up with an email from the editor letting me know that they would accept a copy of the book to review. They did not guarantee a review but they asked for the book nonetheless. I have been on the look out for a review of No Mercy since, but haven't seen it yet. This puzzled me. Father opened a huge door after all. And than I remembered that I never shared with you and or included you in the process. It is awesome enough to get an email from the editor asking for the book. It built my faith up. It encouraged me. But Father reminded me that that we are in this journey together. It’s not just about me being encouraged and seeing God at work. It is about all of us, as a body, united around the heart of God, trusting Him, seeking His thoughts and ideas, carrying them out and being on adventure with Him. So, let’s go together before Father and ask that the editor of World Magazine picks up the book and writes an excellent commentary.

But let’s not stop there. Think of the ministries that have influenced you. Ask Father to open doors there, to use you to share No Mercy. And please, include the rest of us on the journey. It is not fun going alone on this.

Be blessed as you dream big,

Reny Madjarska Head Prayer Tribeswoman