Stalked by Lions

What’s that I hear? Lions are growling, stalking. Me! Their ears are pricked forward, their whiskers attuned to my faintest movement. Their yellow eyes are focused on me. As David observed, “My soul is among lions” (Ps. 57:4a).

Prey is prone to freeze when stalked…until the crisis is critical; then prey runs.

So, are you prey? Is your soul in trouble given the circumstantial lions?

Not at all!

Your soul is anchored resolutely. If you are doubtful, you might find my previous post helpful.

Many times Christianity is incorrectly portrayed, both as an escape from the pressure everyone else feels, and a means by which to live separately from the un-pleasantries of life.

Our faith is not an escape from reality. It is Christ living His life through us in the midst of whatever circumstances we find ourselves embroiled in.

Christian living is not always landing on our feet. (…Be sure you consider the implications of that last sentence.)

Note as well: For each Daniel who was delivered from the lions, there are thousands of others who trusted God and were torn asunder!

Like I said, our walk with Christ is not an escape from reality. Bad things happen! We live in a fallen world. Our walk with Christ is just that: a walk with Jesus Christ.

Scripture never promises us routine, circumstantial deliverance, but it does promise us unmitigated grace and the constant presence of Christ Jesus.

That’s interesting. More about this in a day or so.