Walking Midst Lions

What did you sign up for when you became a Believer? Deliverance perhaps? What God signed up for when you became a Believer—through the work of Jesus—was the necessary transformation of us as utterly worthless to individuals of supreme worth in Christ.

Why? So God (and you and I) could return to His original dream…of walking together (ref. Gen. 3:8ff, Rm. 6:4, et al).

Christianity is the steadfast, resolute confidence that Christ in us is completely sufficient for whatever. That includes lions. And armed with this knowledge, our soul rests—in Him—even when in the midst of killers.

Our Heavenly Father never promised idealism. He did promise victorious reality. The problem occurs in defining “victorious” in the midst of the lions. Thus, my rationale for writing to you.

Let the lions roar and pace, then! Let the pride eye you with hungry eyes. Stand against the enemy’s suggestions to freeze in fear, to break and run, to conclude that you are abandoned, or that God is derelict.

Set your heart on the truth of Christ’s sufficiency and your security in Him. And by all means, quit focusing on the doggone lions and offer up a heartfelt song of confidence. While surrounded by lions, you are nevertheless in Christ (ref. Jn. 14:6)!

When circumstances like these come into your life, there are really only three possibilities:

1)      The lions will go away (but never for good), and you will praise God as your deliverer;

2)      they will eat you a bite at a time and you’ll praise God as your sufficiency;

3)      or they will eat you all at once and you’ll praise God personally from your seat next to Him.

Alright, I’ll see you back here—at PrestonGillham.com—in a day or so.

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