Swimming in details

It is important to note that I am swimming in details, not drowning. However, I’m tired of swimming. The end of the ecommerce trail is in sight. Once this setup is completed, people will be able to securely purchase “No Mercy” at my website, PrestonGillham.com, and at Amazon. More on that in a week or so.

I’m going to be quiet on my blog for about a week, but here’s what I would ask you to discuss with Father for the next few days: “No Mercy” is about connecting with God, what goes wrong in the process, and how to remedy the relationship. It’s a story about the main character’s heart, and God’s heart, and the nature of that bond.

Stories of the heart are both written and comprehended by the heart. This is why I’m asking you to pray that prospective reader’s hearts will be prepared for the book and its story.

Pray for me along these lines: For the business details; they are very important. In addition, pray for my heart. With all the detail, I have not properly grieved the loss of my friend, Kevin—in my heart. I’ve also not properly celebrated my heart’s achievement in completing, “No Mercy.” These are high priorities.

Caring for these important components is integral to me being properly prepared for the release of “No Mercy” in a few days. It is tempting to keep pushing these to the back burner in favor of the “to do” list, but that is a bad plan. One devalues my friend and the other discounts my heart.

Thanks for praying. More in about a week. Bless you,