Trust Declares

I know it is God’s will for me to trust Him, and I’m determined to do so. This is a big deal. While trusting God may not be a point of attack for you, it is for me. So like I was saying in my last post, while Braxie and I are out walking, the enemy is accusing God to my mind of not being trustworthy. Like any good temptation, what the devil is saying makes sense. (Never mind that it’s contrary to God’s Word).

The battle for God’s character and reputation ensues down Hastings, across Wedgworth, and around the cul de sac on Whitman.

Is God being unreasonable as the devil asserts? Has He indeed compromised my well being? Is He taking advantage of me? Don’t I have a right to know? After all, it’s my life!

Somewhere along about the fireplug and the hedge where the white cat hangs out, I say, “Lord God. What the devil says is true. I don’t understand what You are doing. I need more information.”

And then, I realize, “But, I don’t have to have all the information. You have everything under control and I trust You completely.”

I walk on, then say, “If I was God I wouldn’t do things the way You are doing them. But, I’m very aware of the fact that there is one God and I’m not Him. You are! You don’t have to explain yourself to me as the enemy is stating. For the record—Yours and the devil’s—I trust You. Period!”

In my experience, trust and faith have been used synonymously, yet each has a unique flavor. Faith says, I believe. Trust says, I believe in spite of. Faith requires a willful decision and set jaw. Trust requires the same and adds a steadfast determination to walk forward regardless of the circumstances.

Simply put, trust takes faith and enforces it in the fact of daily grinding opposition and confusion.

I’m keeping a brisk pace, my cadence a determined message reinforcing my will—Braxie keeps an eye out for the lion.

Guard your heart and your strengths.