Unguarded Strength

I’ve just returned from my walk with Braxie—more exactly, Braxie Charlene Gillham. She’s our used dog. Brax is a Basenji, the barkless breed from Egypt. Best friends to the pharaohs, red and white hair, pricked ears, chiseled face, wrinkled forehead and curly tail. She weighs in at twenty pounds and was bred to hunt lions on the plains of Africa.

She’s a great companion, but wow! Is she hardheaded! Once you get her pointed in the right direction, it is a wonderful thing. But accomplishing that goal takes a firm hand and a stronger will than Braxie’s.

Enter yours truly. Much like Braxie, I can be determined, which is a wonderful thing most of the time.

However, the enemy has been attempting to use my determination to his advantage. This isn’t anything unusual. In fact, it’s predictable. Unguarded strengths are a favorite target of the devil. To the unwary Believer functioning from a point of individual strength, the last thing to cross his mind is that he is vulnerable to attack.

For example: What had Peter-the-disciple claimed just prior to his denial of Christ? That’s right. That he would follow Him to the death.

History is replete with examples of armies who held the advantageous position but didn’t guard their strength and so suffered defeat. Remember the British occupation of Boston during the Revolutionary War? They lost the city and not a shot was fired.

While there isn’t anything uncommon about the enemy of God (and us) attacking our strengths, it is still disconcerting. Satan prowls about as a lion on the hunt and will do whatever it takes to undermine the power of God.

Next, a few thoughts on trust’s declaration