Truth? (Part 2)

But I asked at the beginning of my thoughts, “Are you a lover of the truth?” If you think about it, it would seem odd to ask, “Are you a lover of scientific methodology?” While there may be those who genuinely love methodologies, you generally appreciate or value a method and you love a person. And that is precisely my point: Truth is a person, not a system, not facts or figures; not tenets, not methods, not results, and not the science of anything, including the science of religious study and methodology. Truth is an individual who was God but took on the form of a man. And who even though he was God, did not cling to that identity but humbled Himself to become one of us and thus render for us an accurate portrait of God’s true character (ref. Jn. 1, Phil. 2).

The person of Jesus Christ was not a law, a theory, or a hypothesis. He was truth incarnate.

Therefore, truth is not discerned in a test tube or a methodology such that it can be documented and repeated. Truth must be known in the heart through life in the same way marriage is known in the heart through living life together. Truth is not necessarily an experiment with predictable outcomes. By definition, truth is the heart of God continually demonstrating His determination to do what is right and best for those whom He loves.

How then, in truth, does He love you and me?