Truth? (Part 3)

I am a unique individual, as you are. God loves me differently in my uniqueness than He loves you in yours, but He loves us both absolutely and with unflinching love. This is the truth, the absolute truth applied. In the same way you can cover your eyes and claim the sun did not rise, you can willfully blind yourself to the truth of Jesus Christ and claim He was other than what He claimed. However, this doesn’t change the fact of the sun rising nor the truth of Jesus Christ.

Jesus promised us an assistant to help us understand truth, that is, help us understand Him. He said, “When He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth” (Jn. 16:13a).

Here is a fact, i.e. a law, that goes hand-in-hand with truth: Enmeshed in the fabric of our spiritual DNA is the Spirit that Jesus promised and commissioned with one, sole task: to tell us each and every one about the infinite scope of the Truth, Jesus Christ.

Notice the passage says, “He will guide you.” In other words, He will instruct, tutor, nurture, form, illuminate, and direct us in knowing the Truth. It is truth anchored in fact, or conversely, a law that points to truth.

As I consider these things, I am determined to pay attention to the teaching of the Spirit. How about you? After all, methodology is only as good as the mind behind it. Truth is as reliable as the person’s character who is synonymous with truth.

In the case of Christ, this truth is absolute.

The passage above from John goes ahead to say that the Spirit of truth will not speak a word on His own initiative, and that is a great standard for us as well. To live in utter, unreserved, and unblushing dependence upon Christ, who is the truth, means that in so doing I accurately represent Him to all who observe.