Last week a post went somewhat viral that charged followers of Christ to NOT vote because neither Mr. Obama or Mr. Romney measured up to the writer’s measure of Christianity. A number of miscellaneous Scriptures culminated in a call to not vote anti-Christ. I understand the intent…but!

As Christ-followers we are commissioned to go, to engage, to be salt and light, etc.


Because this is how true change occurs—through the intervention and interface of Jesus Christ.

Change, security, hope, and the future are not embodied in or through government. As great as this country is, our hope cannot be America! But as people of hope in Christ, we live in America and are commissioned to engage her on His behalf.

This is one reason to vote. You can’t engage anyone about anything if you are a no-show!

In response to the anti-Christ post last week, I asked a few wise friends for their response. One wrote, “We make choices all the time between the lesser of evils.” As an example, he mentions purchasing (a vote of sorts) from the person/company who does the best work regardless of their faith convictions.

Another friend noted, “If we think we are supposed to try to establish heaven on earth before Jesus returns...good luck.”

Our ultimate authority is in heaven. Many of our predecessors in the faith engaged society midst atrocious, wicked governmental systems. We are commissioned to follow suit.

And finally, another friend responded, “America does more good than bad.  The world and the human race, I believe, will be better served to have enough stability for people to be exposed to and consider the claims of Christ if America survives.”

He’s right! For a number of years, while far from perfect, America has afforded followers of Christ with a stable platform from which to “go into the world” as Jesus commissioned. Vote shrewdly with an eye toward stabilizing this platform.

Engage America tomorrow!

Go vote!

Take a friend with you. Vote however, for whomever, but engage the process thoughtfully and in conscience.

Doing nothing tomorrow removes you from the battle and silences your voice.