Woohoo! New Book

As in my previous book, in Battle for the Round Tower, I once again take you into the true world of spiritual life via a novel. 

Returning to Gnarled Wood after two years away, Hank Henderson discovers that the risks have risen. He encounters a dark, spiritual world of subterfuge, black operations, and intrigue.

Powerful beyond what he realizes, Hank wrestles with distrust and doubt to become the man of his destiny.

Through the characters I create, I'm revealing a powerful people called Believers and Christ-followers. In my characters, I'm modeling the life we can all live. 

A few of my advance readers had this to say about Battle for the Round Tower

Brilliantly readable!  --Nicole

Rich and rewarding.  –Lamar

I love the way you do this.  –Elise

I felt like I was there.  –Tyson

Battle for the Round Tower is available through my store or through Amazon.

I'm frustrated to report that the ebook is not yet available. However, this isn't for lack of effort. 

Battle for the Round Tower has been ready to release for about 18 or 20 weeks. But the ebook has refused to format properly. I won't bore you with all the details, but everything from appearance, to navigation, to irregular appearance of italics, to the loss of numbers in the discussion questions is plaguing the ebook. 

One buddy observed, "Sounds to me like the battle for the round tower has begun."

And, he was correct.

I focused my determination. I kicked my advocacy and effort into another gear. In today's publishing world, not having an ebook upon release is not ideal. But then, the stakes to reclaim the round tower are not ideal either.

Thus, I offer my latest book--the work of my heart--for your consideration.

With this background, you know as you pick the book up that you are holding content that is contested. This is important to me. It lets me know I have written a book that matters. 

I dedicated the book to you--the person who does not shrink. Like Hank, you walk in the light. 

In conjunction with publishing Battle for the Round Tower, I updated a few things in the sequel, No Mercy. Like its successor, I discovered its ebook is also irregular in its function on various reading devices and apps. If you haven't read No Mercy, you can get the paperback here or at Amazon