Woohoo! New Site

I've been absent for a few days--building things. I realize your life has been on hold, wondering what happened to me, and I apologize (sort of). 

A few of my absences were devoted to working on my garage siding before the painters came. In the picture, my suspenders and hat are all matchy-matchy, but this was totally unintended as is evidenced by the fact that my hammer handle is orange. I enjoyed working on the siding, but decided on day three that replacing garage siding was not going to be a new profession. 

When I wasn't cutting boards and driving nails, which was most days, I was building a new-and-improved website. It is new because it is the latest and it is improved because it is new. Ha. There is more to it than that--as you will see when you cruise through the tabs and menus.

I changed "consulting" to "guidance" because guidance more accurately reflects what I do when invited to come alongside individuals and organizations. I added a few pictures to the site to save words. You know: A picture is worth a thousand words. 

Whatever you do, do not look under the "book" tab because I'm going to write about that tomorrow and announce the release of my new book, Battle for the Round Tower. I wouldn't want you to spoil the surprise for yourself.