Your Value Invested

The enticements of wealth, intelligence, family, power, and accolades call out to us with trinkets for our walls, recognition from our peers, strokes for our ego, paint for our appearance, and security in our old age. However, when examined, choosing this definition of value is a true waste. If we are valued by the life of Christ, and an eternity with our Heavenly Father, what could the world possibly offer us in comparison?

To attempt to derive a personal sense of value from the world’s goods is not only foolhardy, it is a discredit to the declared value God has given to you. Adopting the world’s definition of value as your own is choosing to walk after the flesh, cut God out of the picture, and hope to create eternal value from temporary and fallible resources.

Obviously, this won’t work.

By far, the most reasonable course of action, no matter how emotionally challenging, is to agree with God’s definition of your value. From this perspective, you are set free from the pursuit of an impossible goal and set free to pursue all that God has declared is available to you.

In the long run, not only does this satisfy the eternal longing for value in your soul, but you are set free from trying to get something eternal from the temporary elements of the world. Furthermore, by resting securely in your eternal value, you are free to make earthly contribution through the confident manner in which you live life.