Your Value Quantified

Wealth, intelligence, power, abilities, appearance, and noteworthiness are at best icing on the cake. We must never think they are indicative of life itself, or that they determine our value lest we be devalued. Value is based on importance, and you were important enough that God concluded He would rather die than live without you, which is what He did, so that He could. Said another way, your value is measured against an eternal criterion: Christ’s life.

Granted, it is difficult to get your arms around something this profound, but the truth is, your value is unparalleled in the universe.

The temptation is to opt for what would appear to be an easier, more reasonable course, and attach our value to temporal things and fallible people. In so doing, we don’t have to grapple with the feelings of unworthiness—or its opposite, pride—conjured up by the grand plan God instigated on our behalf.

After all, value defined in God’s terms means I am as valuable as Christ. Something about that feels awkward, lavish, like God expended too much for too little gain.

Yet, the Bible is clear, God gave one Son temporarily in order to gain another child eternally. Any way you look at it, that’s incredible value!

Next, what would it look like if you invested your value?